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Titulo Uploader Type Size Tempo Views Download
BURNIN' DOWN (Insert Song Ep18) Miyano Mamoru (Fuwa Shou) anime 8.6 MB 3:46 577 Download
Renaissance (OP2) The Generous anime 5.6 MB 4:27 855 Download
Eien (ED2) Yuusaku Kiyama anime 5.4 MB 4:33 756 Download
Prisoner (Insert Song Ep18) Mamoru Miyano anime 6.2 MB 5:15 704 Download
Namida (ED Full) 2BACKKA anime 9.7 MB 4:52 1208 Download
Dream Star (OP Full) The Generous anime 5.7 MB 4:10 1204 Download
Namida (ED Tv Size) 2BACKKA anime 1.3 MB 1:30 235 Download
Dream Star (OP Tv Size) The Generous anime 1.3 MB 1:30 196 Download